Pokemon Emerald: Time of 2nd GEN (GBC Rom Hack)

Author: cabusao10
Release Year: 2013
Original Version: Pokemon Gold
Language: English
Version: Beta 1.1

Pokemon Emerald: Time of 2nd GEN is another Pokemon Gold hack. There is one special point about this hack: the author was trying to create a Pokemon Emerald hack based on the platform of Pokemon Gold! Yeah, from the storylines to the sprites… nearly all the thing will be Emerald’s.

At first, we should review the old storyline.
By moving to the Hoenn Region, you get so excited. After setting up everything necessary for your new home, you go out and meet a new Pokemon Professor. After saving him from the fang of a wild Pokemon, this Professor takes you to his lab. Here you will know his name: Professor Birch. You will also get a new device called Poke Dex and have your rival. Through the main storyline, you will meet new Pokemon – interact with new people – fight against new evil teams called Team Magma and Team Aqua to save the Pokemon world.

You can freely select the gender.
HM08 Dive is available to use now.
Yup, a Running Shoes is necessary to run faster.
Whenever you battle any wild Pokemon or trainers, you will hear the battle themes.
The colours are more advanced now.
The Poke Dex is Gen III now.
The soundtracks are from Pokemon Emerald.
Some new overworld sprites.
The trainers and Pokemon sprites are revamped.
You can have Mach Bike and Ackro Bike.


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