Pokemon EXILE (Fan Game)

Author: PokeVec40
Release Year: 2016
Made With: RPGXP
Language: English
Version: 0.8A Demo (upto 4th gym)



A New Story in a New Region!

The Rakosa Region has always been thought of as a true symbol of peace and harmony. It is a place where its inhabitants live as one with the Pokémon around them. However, little does anyone know of the dark past Rakosa Region- of a great tragedy shrouded by 1000 years of lost history. According to oral tradition, some say that there was once a Legendary Pokémon that created the region and served as its protector. But after many years a war broke out between the region and its powerful protector. The inhabitants of the region resurrected an ancient power to create another Legendary Pokémon, whose power rivaled that of any Legendary Pokémon. The former protector of the region, after it was defeated, was banished to a dimension beyond the depths of space. But with the last remnant of its strength, the banished Pokémon laid a curse upon the whole region, that a great calamity would one day befall the region that it had created…

In the story of Pokémon Exile, you (Zach/Ashlyn) are an aspiring trainer who just moved to the Rakosa region from the Sinnoh region to the east. You and your mother take up residence in Caprock Town, which also happens to be where Professor Acacia, a Professor specializing in ancient and extinct Pokémon, works in his lab. You first meet up with your next-door neighbor, Kathryn, who is enthusiastic about Pokémon fossils, and you go with her to show Professor Acacia her fossil collection, where you meet Noland, his lab assistant. In order to complement his research, Prof. Acacia gives all three of you Pokédexes and one of the much-valued ArcNav prototypes, and asks you to travel the Rakosa Region, gathering data. As you travel across the region, both you and the professor hope to learn more about the new mysterious theory of Pokémon Primal Reversion. Little do you or your new friends know, however, how soon disaster is about to strike.

Starter Pokémon

Your Choices, Your Story.

As the hero/heroine in Pokémon Exile, you will make choices that drastically affect the world around you. As the game progresses, judging from how you interact with others, sometimes new places and opportunities will present themselves, but sometimes they might not. As the plot progresses and you become more involved in this dynamic story, you will be faced with choices. Some will be trivial, with minimal consequences. Others, however, might be cataclysmic- they might require great personal and moral sacrifices…
In Pokémon Exile, when you choose your fate, you also choose the fate of the whole Rakosa Region with over 4 unique endings planned for the future!

As the arbiter of your own destiny in Pokémon Exile, what path will you choose?

Introducing… The ArcNav!

The Archeozioc Pokémon Navigator, or “ArcNav” for short, is a small handheld device developed by Professor Acacia in conjunction with Devon Corp. It is able to remotely scan the DNA of Pokémon and identify them out in the field. It is specially designed to recognize Pokémon that are part of the Rakosa Archeozioc Pokedex, a Pokédex containing all the Pokémon that roamed the Rakosa Region in ancient times. The device fits around the user’s arm like a wristwatch and can even tell time!

Using the ArcNav in in the field is very simple, and its interface is similar to the DexNav in OR/AS. Using it, the player can search for wild Pokémon in caves and tall grass. By encountering the same Pokémon repeatedly, the ArcNav’s search Level will increase for that specific species, thus increasing the likelihood of the encountered Pokémon having a hidden ability or perfect IV’s. Also, the ArcNav has chaining mechanics similar to OR/AS, allowing the player easily encounter and catch shiny Pokémon!

In the game, the ArcNav’s HUD interface allows you to hunt for the rare Pokémon you want.

New Features

An Updated Black/White Style UI
Enjoy a stylized Battle and graphics UI that resembles the Black/White games! Pokémon Exile features a B/W style Menu with toggleable functions like Following Pokémon, the ArcNav HUD, and many more. Pokémon Exile also features a custom Title Screen and introductory sequence.

Enjoy a custom UI experience in Pokémon Exile.

Following Pokemon
Enjoy the whole experience of Pokémon Exile with your Pokémon right by your side! This Following Pokémon feature allows your Pokémon to gain happiness and even pick up items while exploring the vast Rakosa Region.

Luka S.J.’s Elite Battle System
Luka S.J.’s Elite Battle System allows for the player to experience battling in a whole new dynamic fashion. All battle sprites are in the Black/White animated style, including Pokémon from the classic Kanto Region to the new Alola Region!

Pokémon Exile’s Battle System and Following Pokémon Features.

New ‘Wilderness Areas’ and ‘Secret Hollows’ to Explore!
Pokémon Exile also features new locations in game known as Wilderness Areas. These are large maps devoid of any trainers or towns that are under the protection of the Rakosa Ranger Network. These areas are full of rare Pokémon and many places to explore. Another feature within these Wilderness Areas as well as marked routes are secret locations known as ‘Secret Hollows’. Secret Hollows combine the mechanics of Hidden Grottoes and Secret Bases in OR/AS. Each Secret Hollow is inhabited by a special Pokémon that the player must battle first before claiming the Hollow as their own. Once the Hollow is claimed, the Player can then convert it into a Secret Base, which they can decorate as they please.

Additional Features Coming Soon:
– 8 Complete Gyms with Elite four Tournament
– Player Can Complete Rakosa Ranger Missions
– More Primal Reversions and Custom Mega Evolutions
– A Storyline crossover into the Sinnoh region
– Player will Get to Have Their Own Gym in Sinnoh and Fight To Maintain Their Title as Gym Leader
– …Many More Features Coming Soon!


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