Pokemon Extreme Silver (GBC Rom Hack)

Author: DothThouEvenHoist?
Release Year: 2014
Original Version: Pokemon Silver
Language: English
Version: Beta 4.3

Pokemon Extreme Silver : Watch out, Lugia The Guardian Of The Sea is going to be back in a hack of Pokemon Silver named Pokemon Extreme Silver!
This story takes place in Johto four years after the GSC case.

Johto region is clearly wateumyeoyi time plagued by threats that jeopardize the return of ICE Team Rocket (boy / generic name of the girl), 10 teenagers dreamed for decades live in legendary coach of Cherrygroove City, Red, Legend Johto, Gold, the only coach to win a coach. But everything changed one day. He left home and met his best friend. After a while the men in purple and black robes threaten a girl who refuses to carry a suitcase out of town. But try to get the player and his friend to ask for help, the two men did not hesitate to use the Pokémon did not know that Pokémon Trainers, because you and the bustle your friend caused, men decided to leave the city, they would return Threatened. Then the girl who helped the risks for the first time, please know that he tormented the coach, but say that the tide of preaching, thanks to the famous people saved teacher Elm after she played was requested in renowned oak teachers Teacher bag is named after Kris. Then he went to the lab in New Bark Town and told Professor Elm what had happened. After reaching the value of Elm, he was surprised when he had two bags. Why do you get a pokemon that will be your coach back to you? They said they should be great tree trainers, it was not a mistake. Because I have discovered the talents of the person who made him great in the early years. This is how you and your friends will become great coaches and leave your Johor adventure to challenge the legendary champion. But it’s not all you imagined. Because after discovering the purpose of those who wanted a bag, it was actually a criminal organization of gamma ray equipment (GAMMA EQUIPMENT) came from remote areas The goal is to become a legendary Pokemon dominate the Pokemon Region six of the world. According to legend he wants to previously had a powerful foreign facility was called “help of the legendary” The body was changed to two gamma divided into three teams are now using the mysterious legends of energy use. His ideology is attracting the two legendary dragon and based on truth and justice, so the third legend, will combine three reports for the balance of power to revive the legend of the original document back to the top of the Eunsan. We must follow the orders of those who met the three. This is how you and your friends are a concern of the cheated team Gamma must join forces once again.

Greater difficulty
Regardless of whether or not there is a pending element, Pokemon evolving has a new way of evolving, so there is no need to replace it. For example, while using Dragon Scale, Seadra uses Dragon Scale in Seadra to evolve into Kingdra.
Other starters! Larvitar, Dratini, Open as a starter instead of Cyndaquil, Chikorita and Totodile. From LV. 10 instead of LV. 5, and there are bits that help you get started.
Added tools to move Pokemon and change them to make more practical decisions. For example, I made flare-ons to learn the flamethrower at a faster level (level 44) and learn level-up fire (level 55).
High level wild Pokemon.
The Pokemon type has changed.
There are many types of dragons!


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