Pokemon Furui Sekai (GBC Rom hack)

Author: palkia44
Release Year: 2017
Original Version: Pokemon Gold
Language: German
Version: Demo

Pokemon Furui Sekai : It has been a very long time since we last saw a good hack of Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal. And now, it is coming back under a new name: Pokemon Furui Sekai.

7xx years. A 10-year-old boy became champion ten years ago. Ten years ago, Tim Rocket was defeated. Germ Townf in the Noah area north of Kanto. Three young people have decided to take the path of the trainer Pokémon. Professor Gingk gives these three trainers the Pokémon. Bonusweet, Grass Pokémon, Magby, Fire Pokémon and Tympole, Water Pokémon. According to their research, 200 other Pokémon are living in the Noah area. The mission and dreams of these three young coaches are to collect Noah’s 8 badges and participate in the Noah League. On the other hand, there is a newly formed group called “Team Rocket”. Its aim seems to be the invention of an inventor who lived 500 years ago. What is “Magearna” where they want to make a powerful Pokémon weapon? The world of Pokémon awaits you again.

200 Pokemon in a Gen-II hack like Pokemon Furui Sekai.
Cool graphics.


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