Pokemon Glazed (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: redriders180
Release Year: 2012
Original Version: Pokemon Emerald
Language: English
Version: Beta 7 Reborn v3.9

Pokemon Glazed is introduced to you today as one of the greatest Pokemon ROM Hacks ever. It is a project of Redriders180 and he tried to developed it 3 years ago. Finally, Glazed Beta 6 with 99% game progress has been released in April 2014 and minor bugs will be fixed soon. I really love the plot and graphics of this hack that bring new experiences to you. If you are not so busy and truly like Hacking ROM like us, it is a game that you should not skip.

How this game begins is the same as almost other Hacks. Today, you turn to twelve years old and your mother allows you to have a journey to Tunod and be more mature. Because being Pokemon Champion is your dream since you were a kid, you have prepared a lot for this. A mysterious power is trying to change your world and Pokemon World. You must stop them with the helps from other trainers and Professor. That is all I can reveal and to find out more informations, you can play Glazed.


Tunod, Johto, and Rankor Regions to explore
Two World Modes: Pokemon World and the Real World
Pokemon from Sinnoh, Unova, and Kalos
Catchable all of 5 Pokemon Starters
New out-of-battle effects
Physical/Special Moves are Split

New Stuff in V3.9
– Alola forms
– Added Magearna
– Added exeggcute
– Pikachu can learn surf ( Also alola Raichu )
– Added Rotom ( can evolved to Rotom-Dex )
– Change team for Trainer Red
– Magikarp can learn tackle at level 1
– Milotic is now Water / Fairy type
– Goodra is now Dragon / Fairy type
– Change sprite for A-Greninja
– Reworking for PSS moves no icon
– 6 teams for Gym leaders, Elite four and Champion
– Reworking sprite
– All alola forms +10 stats to their original stats
– Change 4 moves

Available Alola Forms
– Rattata
– Sandshrew
– Sandslash
– exeggutor
– Vulpix
– Nintales
– Marowak
– Meowth

Available Z Moves
– Gigavolt Havoc
– Hydro Vortex

– Inferno Overdrive
– Bloomdoom
– Stoked Sparksurfer




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  1. Please fix it when a Pokemon evolves into its finale evolution. The final evolution is a mega evolution when it evolves. For example I evolved my marshtomp it tuned into a mega swampert. Fix it please

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