Pokemon Grape (GBC Rom Hack)

Author: 80C
Release Year: 2015
Original Version: Pokemon Red
Language: English
Version: Demo 3.1

Pokemon Grape is a hack of Pokemon Red on Gameboy Color. Naturally, this game changes the original Pokemon Red totally with many improvements and features. At first, let’s know its story.

The Pokemon League Zone is famous for being a training and battle zone for many Pokemon trainers from two different regions: Frejo and Kelgo. The leaders of these two are going to declare war to each other. Finally, they agree to start a conversation that both of them will hold a Pokemon Tournament to decide who will be the owner of this Zone. Who can gain all the 8 badges of Frejo and defeat the Elite Four with its Champion will be the owner of Pokemon League Zone. Unfortunately, before the starting day… some bad guys have destroyed the Pokemon Database. Everything is in chaos.
On the next day, you gain control of your character. You go out to search the information about this. On your way, you will meet Marquis – a baseball player and a trainer also, a Pokemon Professor named Iroquois Stanley Bek. These two persons will help you recover the missing Pokemon Database. To do that, you have to catch every Pokemon beings.
Hurry up or those two regions will not be here anymore.

New regions: Frejo, Kelgo, Altek. These ones are bigger than the original Kanto for sure.
The graphics is upgraded with completely new sprites for each Pokemon.
More than 240 Pokemon from Kanto – Johto – Hoenn – Sinnoh – Unova – Kalos. There are two Fakemon in this game also.
There are 10 extra types: Steel, Dark, Fairy, Atom, Wood, Wind, Gas, Sound, Light, Bone.
More than 70 new moves for your Pokemon. Well, this will make your battle strategies become more useful.
An extra intro screen before the introduction about our protagonist.
Pokemon Grape is the first Gen I hack with Physical/Special Split.
Some new evolution methods.
The overworld is replaced with the customized menu.
Pokemon from Gen I can hold items now.
You can catch Shiny Pokemon, wowwwwww.
The EXP bar is remaked to become like Gen II and later.
There is no Bike. You use Kart instead.
Many different types of trap will make you think more before acting.


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