Pokemon Light Platonism (GBC Rom Hack)

Author: illumine
Release Year: 2016
Original Version: Pokemon Silver
Language: English
Version: Alpha 0.1

Pokemon Light Platonism is a Pokemon Silver hack. Since its involvement about philosophical and political figures as Pokemon and trainers, this game is not like the old ones which we have known before.

Many Pokemon are the famous persons like Hegel, Socrates, Marx, etc.
You will begin this game with an introduction of a peculiar transformation in Johto. You also get a warning that someone may get touchy about Amadeo Bordiga. After getting all the necessary information, you will begin your journey with one of these Pokemon: Grisons – Wimorgue – Haguezal. In your new journey, you will fight against a new evil organization Team Unknown. They lay their faith on the Unknown God. Besides, you will come to many cities until you beat the Elite Four and get to another region.

New Pokemon in strange forms, strange names.
New style.


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