Pokemon Maize (GBC Rom Hack)

Author: ShantyTown
Release Year: 2013
Original Version: Pokemon Red
Language: English
Version: Beta 3.0

Pokemon Maize is another hack of Pokemon Red. This is one of a kind which will bring a lot of new experiences to the player. There is also the Nuzlocke mode, which means you will have a more difficult game.

We should understand the story first so that we can play this game well.
In this game, you will face an evil organization called Team Quarry. They are excavating vast amounts of materials from the ground. They are going to build a big city and make it become their headquarters. You are a young Pokemon trainer who is on the way to become the Pokemon Champion of this region. You know about this. You want to prevent these bad guys and protect the peace.
Be the hero you want, then.

A brand new region Boldor.
There are 181 Pokemon come from Gen I and Gen II.
You can meet the Steel – Dark – Fairy type in this game.
A new function called Battle Factory will be the ideal place to level up your Pokemon.
Physical/Special Split for a Gen I hack.
The new soundtracks are added.
Some give-aways events will let you add more Pokemon to your party.
26 moves come from the later generations are added.
New items.
Day/Night system.
A Nuzlocke mode (this is optional, you can turn it on or off).
Like Gold and Silver, there will be swarms.
The HM06 – Dive is available now.
You can acquire Running Shoes to move faster.


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