Pokemon Mega Power (GBA Rom Hack) (Completed V5.58)

Author: WIND1158
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red

Language: English
Version: Completed V5.58

Neil/Tyra, the genius scientist who became a professor. He/she has a dream. He/she want to make the strongest Pokemon by himself, he did so many experiments. However, he/she doesn’t have enough money. At this time, a businessman called Kasper tells the young professor that he would contribute to the project, but the Professor must share the achievement with him. To reach his/her goal, he/she accepted Kasper’s contribution without hesitating. As the young genius gradually know that Kasper is the leader of a secret team called “Team Delta”, he/she begins to think about whether he/she should keep up. Why Kasper needs the project? What will he do? The young professor must make a decision, keep it up, or not?

-New regions(Ivara, Lande, Sevii Islands), new gyms(Of course)
-All mega evolutions
-Some 4th gen, 5th gen, 6th gen and 7th gen Pokemon
-Some new tiles…



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