Pokemon Mercury (GBC Rom Hack)

Author: ryushin5
Release Year: 2008
Original Version: Pokemon Silver
Language: English
Version: Beta

Pokemon Mercury is not a hack. Instead, it is a game which was made from RPG Maker XP. At first, let’s come to its interesting storyline. You are living with your mother in a small town called Twilight Town.

You always hope and try to be a Pokemon Trainer, but it seems to have never happened because your mother forbids that idea. Because of the mysterious disappearance of your father, while he was on his way to hunt the legendary pokemon Celebi, your mother always wants to keep you safe. One day, your mother falls into a very dangerous state which can be dead anytime because of a virus. You asked for help and knew that you have to go to the Celebi forest. He will take you to a tree and you can get the cure, but if he felt you are worthy. If not, there will be nothing.
Luckily, you meet him. He takes you to the very far future, 200 years after the time you are living. Right now, your Johto Region was changed and named as the Temporis Region. There is an evil team called Team Oblivion who wreaks many havocs and fear for the citizens. You meet Professor Laurel, you help her to fight against these bad guys while finding a way back to your period. Can you save your mother? Can you save this Temporis Region?

A future version of Johto Region with many changes.
More than 30 Fakemon.
A 2.0 version of the Poketch.
Many mini-games will entertain you.
There is no bike, hoverboard instead.
New moves, new abilities, new items.


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