Pokémon Umber (Fan Game) (Completed)

Author: Dawn Bronze
Release Year: 2017
Made With: RPGXP
Language: English
Version: Completed



You and your friend Kezia have taken a trip to the harsh land of Umber Island (based on the real-life island of Tenerife!) in order to practice your Pokémon training skills and to become stronger trainers. At first, it seems like the two of you are in for a challenging but fun vacation, but before long something dangerous and powerful threatens to destroy the entire island…

– A short game (about 2-3 hours), meaning you can play in one sitting if you’re bored one day

– Unique and interesting setting

– Inspired by the real-life location of Tenerife, with encounterable Pokémon based off Pokémon GO spawns

– Open Source: all the resources are for public use!


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