Pokemon Wish (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: PSI Master
Release Year: 2017
Original Version: Pokemon FireRed
Language: English
Version: Beta 1.1
Link to the Official Discord: https://discord.gg/N46NeqS

Things to Note as of 5/9/2018:
A Walkthrough will be ready soon to be a companion to the hack. Most likely for the first half of the game, you will not really need it, and as a result it would mainly serve as Wild Pokemon encounters, and a bit of an authors notes/storytelling style that is sure to leave you with at least a smirk.

The Acromian civilization has survived for thousands of years, growing from humble trading ports to large empires. An ancient war began, decimating not only Acromia, but the world. To ensure peace and prosperity, a young Lord appealed to the Wishmaker and its five keys to end the senseless violence.
One thousand years later, a young hero is visited by a mysterious force and sent off on a journey to help a drunken Professor. With Acromia under a new government, and a cult seeking to revive the Wishmaker, the hero must tread lightly in a foreign world, and still try to retain their youthful innocence.
Why did Acromia suddenly change its political system?
Why does the Black Blood clan seek to revive the Wishmaker?
Who or what is the mysterious being guiding you?
Will you or your brother challenge the Acromian League first, and who will fill up more of the Pokedex?
All of these questions and more will be asked and answered. It is up to you- the player (be it Cole or Egypt) to figure them out.

– A whole new region to explore, with later gyms able to be done in any order of your choosing
– An all original cast of characters
– 386 Pokemon, and 14 alternate forms
– Physical Special Split
– Some custom Pokedex entries
– Gen 7 level up sets, updated attack data, and updated Pokemon stats (ex. Nidoking attack increase)
– Custom TM’s that are infinite use
– Pokemon from all 7 Generations thus far, at least 30 from each gen minimum
– DS style sprites
– Custom tiles in some areas
– BW Repel System
– Colored Natures, Fairy Types, Poison Survival, and Mega Evolution
– Deletable HM’s
– Trainers face you during encounters
– Decapitalization of everything, and custom menus
– Shiny Quagsire’s Day and Night system
– 2 ish regions, the first arc being Acromia, and the second being a war torn Acromian colony.

To Do List (will be updated occasionally)
– Literally the entire game after the second gym
– Region Maps
– Any bug fixes that come up if need be

Where do I get the National Dex?
It will be given to you shortly after the first gym. This is done on purpose, so do not mind that a few Pokemon aren’t registered at first.

What can I expect?
A plot that takes itself seriously, but isnt afraid to poke fun. Some fourth wall breaks occur. Doesn’t deviate TOO much from the general formula.

When Can I Expect Updates?
They come when they come, I have college and work to balance as well. I try to work on this every single day, however. I won’t keep you waiting too long.

Are Updates Compatible with Previous Saves?
Not entirely sure, but no reason why they should not be.

How many Pokemon are in the hack?
Short Answer: 386+ Alolan forms + Mega evolutions, spanning from all 7 Generations. Favoritism shown to Gen 1, 3 and 4.



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