Pokemon Hoenn Adventures (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: Brock
Release Year: 2015
Original Version: Pokemon Ruby
Language: Spanish
Version: Beta 1.1

Pokemon Hoenn Adventures is a Pokemon Ruby hack which contains many new improvements compared to the old origin.

One day, you and your family have just moved to a new town called Villa Root. This town is located in the Hoenn Region. When finished setting up everything, you move out and see that your neighbours – Professor Birch is being attacked by a wild Pokemon Poochyena. Without hesitating, you go to rescue him immediately. He tells you to get a Pokemon inside his bag. And you rescued him successfully. When getting back to his lab, he gave you a Pokedex and a mission: to fill in the Pokedex by going everywhere in this Hoenn Region and become a Pokemon Champion. Well, it is a lofty mission, isn’t it?
A Pokemon game can only bring the happiness or joy to you if you spend a lot of time to play it. Go to the wild grass areas, go to the caves, go through caves and forests… you can meet any Pokemon anywhere in the game. Do you want to fill in your Pokedex? Use the Pokeball to capture them. There is a tip here: you should draw out the HP of a Pokemon to the red colour, that will be the time it cannot escape and you can capture it easily.


• New secondary missions.
• NDS graphic
• The battlefield comes from Heart Gold / Soul Silver.
• The difficulty of this game is not for any newcomer, for the hard-core fans.
• Many mysterious gifts throughout this game.
• Sound lists are remastered.
• You can reuse the TMs now.
• New moves, new skills, etc.
• Alola forms
• Johto region after Hoenn


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