Pokemon Sun Flare

Pokemon Sun Flare GBA

Author: Gohan’s Tips
Release Year: 2019
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English 
Version: Completed

A New & Amazing Rom Hack created by Gohan’s Tips.

• Alola Characters
• All Starters
• Roaming Pokemon
• Rotom Pokedex
• New Legendaries
• Guardians of Alola
• Alola Gym Leaders
• Sun & Moon Protagonist
• Mega Evolution
• Shiny Pokemon
• Added Weather
• Fakemons
• Ash Greninja
• Access in Birth Island (with no ship and ferry needed)
• Added new events
• .Decreased difficulty
• Z-Moves
• Could be more!

• Sandslash’s sprite gone error
• Mega Evolution does not always work
• Vulpix does not evolve to Ninetales
• Could be more!


Pokemon Sun Flare GBA


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