Pokemon Cosmic Emerald Version (Updated)

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Pokemon Cosmic Emerald Version (New Version)

Author: Sky0fBlades
Original Version: Pokemon Emerald
Language: English
Version: December 24th, 2019

Pokemon CosmicEmerald Version: Now, this hack took a long time to produce. Since I started learning about ROM hacks a few years ago, I’ve been working on small steps at a time. When (maybe 2010?) I can not remember. It has been placed in the gap several times because of the material of life.

And I tried again from the beginning. We have found and removed all defects and errors several times. I spent most of my time trying to figure out the simplest and most efficient way to implement everything. Last but not least, there are still more ideas to put into this game. The changelog (unlike here) documents and maintains all changes made (edit date, review, and future ideas) created so that you can find the cause quickly and easily. An error has occurred. The selection and use of the program have been carefully considered to avoid defects. In addition, do not damage the structure of the underlying data storage ROM is emerald normal save game features with the original will remain in ‘backwards / forward’, indicates that it can be used for tests such as scripts/graphics. In breaking that rule soon enough depending on how well the change can be tested.
This ROM hack does not change the main storyline and maintains all the features of the original Emerald. However, it adds some things to the mix to make it more satisfying and enjoyable. Do you remember when it would be better to go to the moon after the mythical rocket launch/weekly frequency? Such things will be explained now; There are some changes/twists and more surprises on how they are made. The difficulty increases slightly, but there is a reward to compensate. I still want to make some puzzles too difficult. Because we tried to faithfully preserve some features of hamyeonseoyi Hack game added to improve the latest games available in the previous scene 2007 was available just add a few features of the new generation. However … I can add a new generation Pokemon with special looks/events in the future if things go well. The problem is that when expanding Pokédex require storage that is not compatible with the characteristics of the vanilla game, but this trick (or vice versa is also true.) Common Emerald thinks it should be fine if it is not going to be used. I think). If you release the extended Dex version at some point, it may not be compatible with this regular version of the save file. However, I will not stop updating the normal ones and I will continue releasing them. I also want to find a way to make the original save compatible with the new save.

PRNG glitch has been fixed
All 386 Gen 1-3 Pokémon available
New Evo Stone that evolves Trade-Evo Pokémon
More Roaming Legendaries
Events based on Day/Night and game completion status
Events/Legendaries have signature themes
Mirage Island relevant for PokéDex completion
Day & Night System
Upgraded B/W Repel System
TMs are re-useable
Pokéballs are re-useable until capture
Pokémon receive EXP on captures
EVs cap at 252
Steeper difficulty curve
Running when indoors


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