Pokemon Unbound (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: Skeli789
Updated: March 27, 2020
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Version: Battle Frontier Demo 1.4.1

Pokemon Unbound is one of the newest Pokemon FireRed hacks in 2016 on PokeCommunity. No need to say, Pokemon FireRed is in the top of the greatest Pokemon games from our childhood days to now. I’m sure that many Pokemon lovers and fans all over the world will agree with me.

All right, no more time wasting… let’s come to the storyline of this hack.
Long long ago, there are two different regions named Borrius and Kalos. They have been fighting a bloody war and this caused a big terror all over these two regions. Blood and corpses were everywhere, people keep crying – shouting – running – hiding day by day. And when Kalos Region was nearly pushed to the edge of death, their king summoned an ultimate weapon. At the same time, Borrius Region summoned a dark force. One last big clash between these two regions happened. In the end, Kalos Region won. And that summoned dark force was sealed so that it couldn’t be used again. The time flies by. The modern days have come. Borrius Region and Kalos Region have been rebuilt. You were born and grown up in Borrius. Now is the time for you to stand up and become a true Pokemon trainer. A new evil organization known as The Shadows is trying to break the seal of the ancient dark force. They want to rule everything, rule the whole Borrius Region. You must stop and destroy them before everything is too late.


Yeah, without features… there will be no such a nice game.

The graphics system is updated with the Gen IV sprites: from the tiles to overworlds, even battle backgrounds.
All Pokemon generations from I to VII are updated. This means you’ll have a game which contains more than 600 Pokemon with 19 types together. There are also new evolution methods.
And some more updated gaming mechanics: Egg Hatching at lv 1, Day/Night System, run inside buildings, Repel system from Black/White 2, Mega Evolution, New HMs, Decapitalization, IVs system, get EXP when catching any Pokemon.
Many soundtracks from different Pokemon games, from Heart Gold/Soul Silver to Black/White.
After finishing the main game, you can enjoy many sidequests as well.



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