Pokemon Azure Horizons (Unofficial)

Author: Frostbite
Updated: April 9, 2020
Original Version: Pokemon FireRed
Language: English
Version: Beta 2

The official Beta 2 goes up to the town with the fourth gym, Hazel Town. The unofficial version by hacksrepairman finishes the rest of the game along with bug fixes. More info here.

After months of waiting, you finally get your acceptance letter to the regional league. Finally the chance to follow in the footsteps of your brother, a great Pokémon trainer. With goal set, you begin to start your journey as a Pokemon trainer growing with each challenge. Working your way through the ranks and eventually, to the top. However, as soon as your journey begins something has happened. A disturbance has undergone, strange Pokémon trainers have been going around the region causing havoc. Their goal, however, is out of the ordinary. What it is currently is completely unknown… will it conflict with your own? Along the way you will meet people who can either aid or hinder you on your quest. There is more to them then you first thought, however.


  • New region of Zephyr
  • A good portion of the 386 gen 3 Pokemon obtainable
  • An entirely new “evil” team, Team Tundra
  • A few features from Diamond & Pearl carried over
  • New music
  • Decapitalization
  • New events & sidequests


Click on the ‘Red’ Download Button to start your download

Credits: Frostbite, Drayano, Kyledove, Jambo51, JJames19119, hackrepairman

Source: Pokecommunity

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