Pokemon Hyper Emerald 4: Ash & Shiny Version 6.0

Author:  https://tieba.baidu.com/p/6251600966
Updated: March 1, 2020
Original Version: Pokemon Emerald
Language: Partially English / Portuguese
Version: Completed V6.0

This is the same story as Pokémon Emerald with thousands of innovations and Pokémon in the game, this is an additional version of Hyper Emerald Infinite Verges 4.6 and Hyper Emerald Real (Chinese versions), except that its protagonist this time is the famous Ash Ketchum with the character Serena, you can play with one of the two in addition to some news during the game.

MyBoy Bug: Always save by the emulator before entering the Pokémon league and if the game crashes, remove the equipped items from your Pokémon and restart the game through the emulator that will return to normal.


  • Pokemon from Alola
  • New Protagonists (Ash & Serena)
  • Z-Rings / Z-Crystals
  • Exclusive Z-Moves
  • Mega Evolution (Mega Stones Scattered on The Map)
  • Ash Greninja
  • Galarian Forms
  • Pokemon From Generation 1 to 7
  • Ultra Necrozma
  • Ultra Beasts
  • Let’s Go Version
  • New Tilesets


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