Pokemon Unbound Battle Tower

Pokemon Unbound Battle Tower

Author: Skeli
Updated: December 16, 2019
Original Version: Pokemon FireRed
Language: English
Version: v1.3.2.1

Unbound Battle Tower is a mod only for competitive battles in the Borrius region. If you want to play the story mode you will have to download the main version “Pokémon Unbound” by clicking here. But if you just like battles, this mod is right for you!  In this mod you have the option to choose a male or female character, in addition to being able to choose the hair color, skin and clothes. In the world you are about to enter you will embark on a great adventure of competitive battles, they are: Regular Pokémon, Legendary / Mythical Pokémon, Little Cup Pokémon & Middle Cup Pokémon. Win battles to earn points (BP) and exchange for Pokémon, items and get other more advanced battles.

The demo is set up so that you get 3 Pokémon at random and 40 BP to start your game. Every day you can get 10 additional BP without a fight. There are also several other ways to gain BP at the frontier of the battle. The shop on the right sells Pokemon scattered around so you can expand your team. Many other stores can be found outside the Battle Tower to customize your Pokemon.

Important information:

  • If the starting team you chose was not made up of normal Pokémon, change your battle level!
  • Various battle options can be set by talking to the main employee.
  • Monthly Mystery Gifts can be taken from the green deliveryman found by going out the frontier of the Battle Frontier.
  • Changing the time on your device to repeatedly access daily events will have serious long-term ramifications and bugs. It is highly recommended that you do not do this!
  • Special trainers appear every 10 battles.
  • Frontier Brains do not appear in the Monotype format.
  • Bug: Using the Volt Switch against Slaking loafing can cause the game to freeze.
  • Various effects:
  1. Burn deals 1/8 damage (Gen 6)
  2. Paralysis slows to 1/4 (Gen 6)
  3. The chance of damage from confusion is 50% (Gen 6)
  • The Ally Switch move is not available in the game
  • Pokemon statistics: The Tyranitar, Garchomp and Metagross lines had their growth rates changed to Medium Slow.


  • Only competitive battles
  • Choose the battle mode you want to play
  • Buy several random Pokémon and items
  • Choose your favorite battle background
  • Choose the songs you want to play in the battle
  • Money is now battle points (BP: Battle Points)
  • Animations of Pokémon moves remastered and improved
  • Pay attention to the spoken rules of the game, read the dialogues
  • Talk to the nurse in pink clothes to choose the type of battle
  • Talk to the nurse in pink clothes to choose the type of battle


Pokemon Unbound Battle Tower

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