Pokemon Dimensiones Alteradas

Author: DarkFex and Gamezop
Released:  July 20, 2020
Original Version: Fire Red
Language: Spanish
Version: Completed


This game is a feature hack where you can catch over 200 Pokemon with a new shape and new type. You’re a new character, playing in Kanto. But, The map is changed and upgraded. And more features added are PSS System, EV IV, removable HM, TM.


Official cover inserted into the game
GBA Hack Rom
National Dex from the start
History totally in Spanish
Over 200 Pokémon with altered shapes
Tileset change (graphics change)
A new mapping for the Kanto region
B&W backpack
B&W style PC case
HGSS-style Pokémon menu
Pokémon B&W Facts
Sund & Moon style icons
TextBox totally changed as well as the secondary one (this one can be seen when you read a poster)
Hp Bar changed to Let´s Go style
Battlebox changed (this appears when you enter combat)
Totally changed battle funds, these are appreciated against the rival, on the routes and in the gym leaders
HGSS Style Coach Sprites
B&W-style Naming Screen (this is when you choose the name of the character, rival and name your Pokémon
Trainer Card totally changed
Spread X&Y-style experience
Menu edges completely changed
Physical division, special
Attacks on Spanish as well as its description
Objects translated into Spanish with their respective description
Totally high difficulty
Poketubers as gym leaders and high command
Dialogues changed in the gym and high command leaders
Double bouts at high command
Can be run indoors
Any attack can be substituted (both HM and MO)
The sprite is displayed when an object is found on the map
The initial fight between Gengar and Nidoran was removed


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