Pokémon Ice Adventure

Pokemon Ice Adventure

Author: JEAN
Released: 2020
Original Version: Fire Red
Language:  Portuguese (BR)
Version: Complete


A terrible villain named Flora plans to dominate the region using the power of a legendary Butterfly, will the protagonist be able to save her world?


  • New story.#A hack rom with official Fakemon and Pokémon.
  • Wonder Trade. #New graphics.
  • Pokémon eggs visible on maps.# 3 New Eeveelutions as a fakemon.
  • Minimax and Forcesmax system based on Dynamax.#Gain experience when capturing Pokémon.
  • Fairy type. # physical and special attack division.
  • New events.
  • Wild Area.
  • 21 Pokémon League battles.
  • Shared experience with option to enable and disable.
  • 171 Capable Pokémon.
  • Shiny percentage slightly increased.
  • The 3 Insect and Dragon fakemon are owned by Throrok


Pokemon Ice Adventure

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