Pokemon Power We Hold

Author: FlamingFalcon,MeetYourReaper
Release Year: 2017
Language: English
Version: 1.05

The Power We Hold takes a different approach on the invention of the Pokéball. Jump into the Lacus Region which has now become obsessed with technology and innovation six years after the invention. Face the evil force by destroying them from the inside out before the annual Lacus Tournament comes to an end!
As much as I’d love to go further into detail explaining this game, I personally believe it’s better delivered as an experience rather than text.


This game was made for the Third Annual Relic Castle Game Jam. It may not be the most perfect thing in the world but we are very proud of what it’s become and at how much we’ve grown from the last Game Jam. This year we continue our theme of not allowing the player to capture Pokémon! (sorry) This game is, for the most part, open world with blockades only at major plot points. It was designed this way to encourage exploration.



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