Pokemon Soothing Silver

Author: HighFrequencyOcelot
Original Version: 
Version: Completed

Description & Features

• Some Pokémon will be replaced by their Alolan forms, mainly for type variety, later on I’ll release a patch for people who don’t want this feature in the game. The current alolan form evo lines in the game are; Marowak, Exeggutor, Grimer, Geodude and Sandshrew

• All 493 Pokémon will eventually be added. All gen 1 & 2 Pokémon apart from legendaries will be avaliable before beating the league, gen 3 & 4 pokémon as well as the rest of the legendaries will be avaliable after beating the league. However for the first couple of versions not all legendaries will be avaliable because scripting hard, sorry.

• Lyra is replaced entirely by Kris!

• Gold/ Kris will be battled a few times throughout the game in order to be more memorable and act like a second rival!

• Variety. The game in general will be a bit less repetitive than the base game. There will be new encounters in almost every route, for example Elekid will be an uncommon encounter right from the first route! Also most trainers that had lots of the same Pokémon will have their teams edited, for example that one bird keeper who had 5 pidgeys will now have other bird pokemon too like Murkrow & Natu. Gym Leader Morty will now have a Haunter, Gengar, Mismagius and Alolan Marowak instead of just members of the Gastly line. Basically you should see less of the same Pokémon over and over and over.

• Increased difficulty. All boss trainers will have improved teams with better movesets, starting from the 4th gym all trainers will have increased levels and I’m going to readjust all trainer/ wild levels in Kanto to actually make it a challenge. I intend for the game to be slightly less difficult than StormSilver and Gym leaders won’t all have 6 Pokémon because I think that just makes the game tedious

• All Pokémon have their stats updated to their Gen 6 stats

• Some Pokémon have slightly altered stats, typings, and movesets in order to make them more usable, to add more type variety or just because it makes sense. Examples include Dragon-Bug Yanmega, Beedrill having slightly higher stats and learning Megahorn at later levels. These changes won’t be as drastic as other hacks like Project rebooted.

• Some moves have been edited to be more usuable. Notably HMs are now actually better in battle so they don’t hinder your Pokémon as much. For example Rock smash has increased pp and 100% chance to lower defense and Flash is now an electric type special move with 20 power, 95 accuracy, 100% chance lower accuracy and has priority

• Easier Evolution. If a Pokémon has an evolution/ pre evolution introduced in gen 3/4 it’ll be avaliable pre league and all evo items can be obtained in new ways. In addition any evolutions will be possible without having to trade.

• Type effectiveness has been edited a little to help balance the game. Most notably Ice type is now immune to ice and resists water/ ground attacks

• Shiny rate increased from 1/8192 to 1/2048

• Some pokémon will have special shiny palletes! For now these Pokémon only include Lugia and Dialga who’s shinies look like Shadow Lugia and Primal Dialga respectively. (If you think a pokémon deserves a better shiny, comment below!)

• GB sounds from the start of the game

• Game corner has changed prizes and cheaper prices

• Slightly altered text for to make some characters slightly more memorable or just to explain features like alolan forms

  • The game is complete, but there will be more updates bringing awesome changes to the story.




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