Pokemon Ragnarök (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: ~Ruki!
Release Year: 2017
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Version: Beta 1


Pokemon Ragnarök was called Pokemon Infinity before, but the author decided to change its name at last. It is a mixture of the Norse legends and some concepts from Digimon Franchise.

“Dragon Green and Black Dragon explode their anger over all organisms to conquer heaven … life and death, heaven and earth, existence and apathy, past and future … the flame will come to The life of a narrow noise enveloped the many souls of the world, then be wandering, but in search of a permanent home, which will feed the wrath of the dragon, is the consumption of Ragnarok begin a new era of chaos in Anctgard and the world Nezgard With their respective anguishes become blunt among themselves does not exist, a single ray of light in the dark, or some gaps … “appeared a criminal organization called Exxa Hermandad in the Newgard area. From yongseup of USA Mukgyeok, support delivery support became commit suicide for you for yongseup food supplies Sources of your decision to become president of the Pokémon League contact best detective agencies Nezgard , APIC (Pokemon and Criminology Research Agency) disappear after a few days without a criminal investigation was initiated 3 APIC was drawn high-end. After a few days in order to investigate the disappearance of a criminal organization and APIC detectives concluded that some gym leaders participate in the activities of the Exxa Brotherhood. For this reason, more than three young members of a better secret decision to investigate more closely sent investigators to come up with a project of gym leaders and attacks on the Pokémon League and try to beat Exxa brotherhood.


  • The game is based on different missions and sidequests, and the full story is formed by 14 Chapters.
  • Existence of 8 gyms and Pokemon League, but are secondary things.
  • Discover Nezgard, a fully new branded region to explore, a chilly and pintoresc region awaits you!
  • Preset names of the main characters (Sorry, this time you can’t enter a new name)-
  • Good works on dialogues and storyline, no more hacks without a real storyline and bad dialogues.
  • No more generic NPC’s, the important characters have an own personality and background story.
  • A Pokedex formed by 200 species from all generations (Sorry. no Fakemons)
  • Megaevolutions and Primal Reverses included, with unseen Mega Pokemon!!!
  • New music taken from other games and custom music
  • A Day/Night system with illuminated tiles-Events and wild Pokemon based on the time
  • Moves classification up to 4th Gen. (psychical and special)
  • Fairy type Included
  • New Moves with new effects and animations.
  • New Berry system
  • Some mechanics from 4-6 generation
  • And more…


Pokemon Ragnarok