Pokemon Advanced Adventure

Author: dbzmay
Updated: October 29, 2018
Original Version: Pokemon Leaf Green
Language: English
Version: Final 2018


In Pokemon Advanced Adventure, You don’t have any friends because you are the son of the poorest family in your town. Other kids in town try to be good Pokemon Trainers, and they get Pokemon from their parents to help them along the way. You, too, have a lifelong desire to be a true Pokemon Trainer, but you don’t have any Pokemon.

The famous Professor who lives near your house wants to meet you one day. He knows your dream and thinks you’re a talented boy, so he gives you three Pokemon to choose from. Also, he needs your assistance in tracking down his grandson after he left town on an adventure around your region. Along the way, you will be competing against his grandson and must defeat 8 Gym Leaders. If you play it, more information will be revealed.


– New Game Synopsis
– New Region
– Catchable All Pokemon
– No Trade Evolutions
– Starter Custom Moveset
– No HM’s
– All TM’s Obtainable
– New Hero
– 5th Generation Pokemon
– New TileSets
– After Game Storyline



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Credits: dbzmay, Frostbite, thethethe, metapod23, Samm, Thrace, Wesley FG, Serg!o, kirbyxox, TCoppy, sigeru, Grinn, Crimson Stardust, Neti, Anselection, hacksrepairman, Amy May