Pokemon Adventures in Aloma

Pokemon Adventures in Aloma
  • Author: BenGames & More
  • Released: 2013
  • Original: RPG Maker XP
  • Version: Completed 1.0


Pokemon Adventures in Aloma will transport you to the Aloma Region, a previously unseen region. After repeatedly failing with his first FireRed hack, Thunder Yellow, the author of this game decided to try RPG Maker XP and Pokemon Essentials instead.

Returning to the main plot. Immediately following the appearance of Nate, the new champion of the Unova Region, the others are greatly inspired by him. They resolve to one day become as powerful as he is. Many people gathered in one location, which is now known as Aloma Region. Team Venom, a new evil organisation from the Aloma Region, will carry out their evil plans. They appear to be doing everything in secret, and their actions appear to be related to the Pokemon World Tournament, which will be held here soon. Tyranus, the Aloma Region’s founder and champion, will assign you a task: complete the Pokedex while also confronting your rival Leon and Team Venom. Your actions will determine the fate of the Aloma Region and the Pokemon World Tournament.


  • A Pokemon World Tourment is the place for you to test and train yourself as the name of a true Pokemon trainer.
  • There will be a clash between Team Venom and a familiar Team.
  • You can catch 12 Legendary Pokemon.
  • Obtain all of the 6 Master Balls are not easy.
  • After finishing the main game, don’t forget the post-games.



Credits: BenGames, Films, And More!-Scripting, Sprites, Music, Tilesets
Carmaniac-Title Menu Script
Pokemon Company-Some Sprites, Music
Maruno-Pokemon Essentials
RPG Maker XP