Pokemon Amaryllis

Pokemon Amaryllis
  • Author: Mantager
  • Release Year: 2016
  • Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
  • Language: English
  • Version: Beta 1


Pokemon Amaryllis is a Pokemon hack made from Pokemon FireRed. Its author is Mantager, a member comes from PokeCommunity.

This time, our story will take place in Ohkai region – a far far away region from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh. It is a wondrous, mysterious and beautiful place with many flowers and Pokemon. There is a strange thing in Ohkai: one flower named Amaryllis has appeared from nowhere suddenly. Naturally, Ohkai is not its habitat at all. Then why does this happen?
Our main character is a boy from Westfall Village – a small village which is located in the south-west of Ohkai. A professor called Basswood is living there also, he is an expert and enthusiast about Pokemon. And then, you meet both Professor Basswood and one red-head girl in a morning. He gives you and that girl two rare Pokemon (this is your starter). Two of you will carry on a mission: investigate the appearance of Amaryllis.
After that, you two face against Team Epoch – a team which is researching and exploring the minds with the biology of Pokemon to control them. Can you prevent Team Epoch and know what makes Amaryllis appear here?


  • The new Ohkai region will take a lot of your time to play.
  • More than 50 Pokemon to catch, train and battle.
  • The author has his own customized moves.
  • Many moves and abilities of Gen IV – V – VI have been added so that you can have a huge collection of them.
  • The type chart is exactly the same as Gen VI.
  • The physical-special split from Gen IV has been added also.
  • Many different changes to bring a new experience.


Credits: Mantager, Involuntary-Twitch, NuclearOmega, Peegeray, NewDenverCity, Squeetz, Swag Lord, Jambo51, HackMew, DoesntKnowHowToPlay, Darthatron, Neoriceisgood, Mr. Dollsteak