Pokemon Emerald: Pit of 100 Trials

  • Author: ShinyTillDawn
  • Released: March 2021
  • Hack of: Emerald
  • Version: Beta 1.2 (Completed)

The Hoenn Region is now in several abysses, with 100 challenges throughout the region. Each trial is a battle against a trainer with lv 100 Pokémon. Most coaches have 2 Pokémon, but boss battles have more. Gym leaders always have 6 Pokémon of their kind.

Here, the challenge is to go through this abyss without all items sold in mart and going to the pokecenter! Also, you have to stick with a team of 6 Pokémon all over the abyss and you won’t be able to go on PC.

On the other hand, you get unlimited Masterballs to catch virtually any fully evolved Pokémon you want, plus certain legends – those are exclusive to the Post-Game! Don’t be afraid to use legendary, your opponents can have them too! You also have relatively fast methods of EV training and leveling your Pokémon to Level 100! Beware, however, the money is tight! You only have 3,000 Pokéyen, and that’s it. You also get all HMS and 1 from each TM, so teach your Pokémon wisely.

However, there is a movement tutor who teaches the level up moves, some egg-moves, and move-tutor moves, and you have endless heart scales! Use the motion tutor before teaching TMS. If you get out of the abyss, it’s game over!


  • Just like in emerald there is no physical/special division
  • Infinite Master Balls, Heart Scales, Vitamins, and berries that reduce status
  • Most Pokémon received a buff to make them better
  • Learnset are mostly based on 4 Gen, with a few 6 and 7 Gen scams
  • Some Pokémon learn scams they wouldn’t normally learn by level
  • Tms and Hms edited so there are other scams
  • Modified portions of the region so there are wild Pokémon of lv 98
  • Berrys that reduce stats, take 128 EVs
  • Evs and Ivs viewer (Oldale Pokecenter)
  • Department store with some items
  • Racing shoes and bike earlier
  • Healing items are cheap, but you will only have $3,000 to spend in the store, before starting the abyss challenge
  • There is an NPC that teaches buzzbug, but it can only be found very late in the game
  • Scald has a 25% chance to burn
  • Some blows had power, and base changed
  • Return always has 102 base power
  • There is a post-game area after defeating the secret final boss where you can fight some bonus trainers and catch Pokémon you could not pick up at the beginning of the game
  • Post-Game has an additional abyss that has 20 challenges, but all legendary is allowed!


Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Emerald: Pit of 100 Trials GBA Rom