Pokemon Jello’s Beta Diamond Hack

Pokemon Jello's Beta Diamond Hack
  • Author: Jello
  • Released: 2020
  • Hack of: Diamond
  • Version: V1.0

Pokemon Jello’s Beta Diamond Hack: Ever wanted to know what Pokémon Diamond could have been like in an alternate universe where Game Freak kept certain beta elements of the game? 
Well, now you can!


  • Beta Front/Back sprites for Pokémon who have them.
  • Beta menu icons for Pokémon who have them.
  • Beta overworld sprites for NPC’s.
  • Beta music tracks for various parts of the game, including battles.
  • Pokémon location/moveset changes inspired by the beta.
  • Some minor map alterations based off of the beta.
  • Beta tilesets- experience Sinnoh with a different look!
  • …..and more are planned for the future!


Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Jello’s Diamond Hack NDS Rom