Pokemon Mega Y

Pokemon Mega Y
  • Author: Pixel64
  • Released: 2021
  • Hack of: Y
  • Version: V0.1

Pokemon Mega Y & X are hacks that change just about what you’d expect. Encounters are changed to include every Pokémon*, movesets are updated and changed, as well as the Pokémon themselves.

You might be wondering why you should play this hack in particular. The one thing that truly distinguishes this hack is the use of dual battles. More specifically, their predominant use throughout the journeys of players through Kalos. If you enjoy fighting two-on-two, this hack is for you. Furthermore, the inclusion of double battles raises the difficulty, so stay alert! Note: Please keep in mind that some of the features mentioned are not yet available because the current version is not a complete game.


  • Double battles replace almost all single battles
  • A brand-new set of tracks to listen to
  • Increased difficulty
  • An increased level curve
  • Updated learnsets
  • Changed Pokémon stats, types, abilities, and held items
  • Changed wild encounters
  • Item changes
  • Increased shiny rate
  • Decapitalization in some areas

Note: The shiny rate was increased to about 1/20


Do not initiate any battles before catching a Pokémon. This causes the game to crash.
Talking to trainers causes a weird freezing glitch followed by a blank text box. The battle will still start, but to avoid this, walk into their line of sight, and their regular text should appear.

Most Recent Version: 0.1
Length: Up to Gym 1
Next: Up to Gym 3


Pokemon Mega Y

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