Pokemon MewYou

Pokemon MewYou
  • Author: Aki
  • Made on: RPG Maker XP
  • Version: Completed (v2.6)


Pokemon MewYou is a game where you get to play as Mew! Will you fight everyone you come across, or pick your battles carefully?


  • Play and battle as Mew
  • All wild encounters are visible instead of random chance
  • Pokemon will rematch multiple times, getting stronger and even evolving
  • With timing and a healthy dose of luck, you can avoid almost every battle
  • Opponents level up immediately after battle, and can also evolve (Usually stops at about level 50, but you can keep rematching them anyway)
  • Buizel is your first partner, but your second is determined by what items you find during your journey!


Download Pokemon MewYou RPGXP Fan Game:


Q: Why won’t my emulator run this game? What emulator do I need? 
This isn’t a hacked game. It’s made with RMXP, so no emulator needed!

Q: What should I name Mew? Are there special codenames? 
There are a couple names that will have special effects!
Mew = Changes your name to your computer’s username. This is just a goof I put in to catch the occasional smartass
Blue = Makes Mew shiny
Mewtwo = Gives Mew a moveset and ability that would suit a Mewtwo instead of the default
Kied = Gives Mew a very special/nonsensical moveset instead of the default
Q: Are you going to fix this bug I found? 
No. This was the first game I ever released, and my files got corrupted; basically it’s a mess and it only gets messier if I did try to edit anything. I’m sorry about the level curve being too harsh in places. When I designed it I thought I was compensating for Mew’s power and encouraging the more stealth aspect of the game, but if I wanted players to never battle I should have made the final battle optional somehow.

Q: Is the game going to be made longer?
No. I told the whole story I wanted to tell so making it longer would mean me shoving filler in somewhere…which I don’t wanna do. Also see the answer about bugs.

Q: What is Andante mode? Did Andante mode also get fixed/finished?
When I made the game I was partially inspired by a friend’s RP/Ask blog (ask-andante.tumblr), which focuses on a mew named Andante. If you name your character Andante when starting the game, you’ll play as him (a poorly written OOC version) instead of the normal mew character. The differences are that Andante talks, some NPCs are replaced for cameo purposes, and he has different partners. It’s still included in the game because he and his mun were part of the inspiration to make a mew game, and I still wanted to honor them with a nod even if I’m looking back and cringing at how poorly I actually did it. Note: This mode isn’t supported anymore and probably contains game breaking bugs, such as being sent out of bounds.

Q: Why do trainer’s pokemon say they’re wild?
It’s one part Mew doesn’t really care about the trainer during battles, and one part having it be a wild battle avoids the awkwardness of “Mew sent out Mew!” that’s programmed to happen during trainer battles. This also allows the trainers to actually use moves that end the battle (something like roar doesn’t fail), which in a trainer battle would have no effect.

Q: Why can’t I run from battles?!
Because you can see wild encounters, so the running should happen before the battle. That said I think some of them might be moving too fast to avoid, which was something I did because my old computer lagged so much that I needed that speed setting to tell that they were moving at all. I’m sorry but I think they’ve all been fixed in the latest updates.

Q: Why is Celebi so annoying/confusing?
A lot of your interactions with her happen when she is pretty young. She’s excitable, and inexperienced, and bossy, and her older selves are sorry about that.

Q: Was that Xerneas?
Yes, that’s what I was implying. I think the time-travelling guardian of the forest and the deer who spends years sleeping as a tree would make good friends. The use of “xe” was specifically placed in the sentence so it could be either a nickname for Xerneas, or as a genderless pronoun for Xerneas; interpret that in whichever way you prefer.

Q: Why is Mewtwo in my party after beating the game? Is there more content? Can I use Mewtwo? Can I be Mewtwo in the sequel?!
There is no hidden or extra content where you can use Mewtwo. I added it to the party at the end so it’s immediately obvious when booting up the save file that the game has been completed.
I’m lazy okay? As an admin checking save files to make sure some has earned a badge, I allways had to download and play that person’s copy of the game. I open up the bag to check for key items, or walk myself to the nearest PC and scour the boxes for a certain endgame pokemon. For MewYou, boot up the game and I can see the person completed it. Easy. Lazy.

Q: When is the sequel coming out? Will I get to play as Mewtwo?
A: I never planned to make a sequel. Due to the insane amount of attention MewYou has gotten though…I did start experimenting with some abilities Mew has that were neglected in MewYou. Mew is still the main playable character though, not Mewtwo.

Q: Can I rip or use something from this game? 
No. But this game was made for a jam, and one of the rules of the jam was that any resources I make for it become public. Here’s what I made: some fogs!