Pokemon Perfect Emerald 2.0

Pokemon Perfect Emerald 2.0
  • Author: Augusto Carvalho (darthbr08)
  • Released: 02/20/21
  • Hack of: Emerald
  • Version: v2.0 Final

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Description (by author)

Looking for an Original Emerald Experience, and updated systems?

A: YES!!

Tired of Pokémon Emerald hack roms with modified SPRITES, tilesets, music, new Pokémon, which are NOT part of the third generation?

A: YES!!!

Do you just want to relax and relive the old glory times, complete the DEX without killing yourself or go back in time with a TIME MACHINE for Nintendo events?

Looking for an emerald rom with INFINITE TMs, repel BW2 system, All Legendary available, Nintendo Events, Johto and Kanto Pokémon wisely chosen in nature, without altering the original Emerald Air?

This game is for you…


  • >> BONUS: after E4, you can trade Togepi for Snorlax in Rustboro and get an XP multiplier – Lucky Egg 2.5x, to make your workouts more enjoyable.


  • Team acqua/magma/e4 / bosses with improved artificial Intelligence and better teams (without losing originality)
  • All 386 Pokémon available (no trade required, I wisely chose where to put each one)
  • Legendary Pokemon is not in WILD, they are in a fixed position, like the original games, only one per game, explore the map and try to find! (see PDF) (no longer stay in the woods like other mocking hacks)
  • Physical/special division gen 4 – Enabled by default
  • Rival with latest full evolution
  • Legendary only after E4 (nutella doesn’t play my hack, will have to pass the League with well-trained pokemons)
  • Kanto’s initials, Hoen Starters (as opposed to what you choose), Johto Starters (after hoen dex complete) are EGGS, they are around the map, given by NPCs)
  • Lucky EGG 2.5x Multiplier (updated)
  • BW2 Repel System
  • Battle against RED and LEAF of the FireRed and LeafGreen version
  • Magma / ACQUA Admin and Bosses use Hyper Potions / Full Restore in final stages instead of Super Potion
  • Many post-game events after E4 (Elite Four)
  • MIRAGE ISLAND is open after e4
  • All RARE Berry available
  • PRISMSCALE ADDED!! (You can still evolve your Feebas to Milotic like the original (beauty)
  • Feebas is now a wild ”rare” pokémon, you don’t have to spend hours to find a Feebas, but they are still RARE. (evolve with Prism Scale)
  • Team Magma and Aqua have their teams based on TCG Cards
  • Some small pokemon teams have some different but still original pokemon, e.g. like 4 magikarps, one was replaced by another pokemon
  • All four forms of Deoxys available (You can change your shape within the game)
  • Nintendo Style legendary Pokémon battles (each event ticket has a story behind it)
  • Pokémon available only by trade, now available without trade, evolve with (Link Stone)
  • Eevee now evolves to Espeon and Umbreon using Solar and Moonstones
  • TM’s and Move Tutors around the map are reusable. (infinite)
  • Most evaluable evolution stones at Lilycove Mart and Slateport Market (see PDF)
  • All gen I-III items available in the game
  • Gym, Elite 4 and Rival leaders – have a slight improvement in Artificial Intelligence
  • All in-game exchanges have been changed (see PDF)
  • Some items that were ‘hold’ have been changed (now some items work like Evolution Stones, check out the PDF)
  • The pokemon status screen now has stats affected by color of color of coded nature and icons showing whether physical or special (Red for better, Blue for worse.
  • All Gen I-III Berrys available
  • Run inside the places
  • Pomeg bug tidy
  • Fixed PNRG
  • Eggs hatch at level 1


Pokemon Perfect Emerald 2.0

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