Pokemon Radiant

Pokemon Radiant
  • Author: Swdfm
  • Updated: November 16, 2020
  • Made on: RPG Maker XP
  • Version: Completed (4.1)

Pokemon Radiant Version is an epic fangame set in Liberti, a region based on South Africa!

Rough Plot

You are a young person who is successful in getting your application to the Liberti Region accepted. Dr. Baobab, a Pokémon professor, greets you and hands you a Pokémon from a large pool of 24 starters!
He then hands you an éPhone and a Pokédex before sending you off to explore the region.
There are the standard eight gyms and the Pokémon League, as well as the opportunity to become the region’s champion. (Although they’re called Challenge Halls, the concept is the same!)
However, there are over 200 quests to complete, some of which give you item rewards, while others, more difficult ones, give you a chance to catch Legendary or Mythical Pokémon!
But if saving the region gets too much for you, there are plenty of facilities for you to use, such as the Battle Tower and the Fight Arena.
Tasks are also available for completion. Some are simple, while others are devilishly difficult.
There are also over twenty dungeons to explore and treasures to be found.
Essentially, the Liberti Region offers a wide range of possibilities, and it is an adventure that will keep you occupied for many hours!


  • Players can own their own houses!
  • A slightly more random experience, so every save file is different! Eg. Route trainers change
  • Pokémon for every player.
  • Probably the only fangame with an English option for both UK and US
  • Two new types, and some Pokemon have natural immunities to types!
  • Players can get ‘perks’ from obtaining Pokémon in Pokedex!
  • Auras, which enhance moves of a certain type.
  • New Liberti forms for some Pokémon such as Beedrill, Primeape and Druddigon! (Mix between Megas and regional variants)
  • Contains (most of the) 890 Pokémon from Generation 1 to 8!
  • Player can embark on over 225 quests and get rewards!
  • More ways to train EVs, and a club for Level 100s!
  • Almost complete freedom to explore!
  • Most of the core features from the main Pokémon games!
  • Hundreds of hours of gameplay time!
  • Gen V Graphics
  • Customisable character!
  • And many more!


Download Pokemon Radiant RPGXP Fangame


“Pokémon Radiant Version”

Developer: Swdfm

Playtesters: lancerain1

Music: All Music by Game Freak/Nintendo
Music Conversion: Audacity

Pokémon Cries:

Other Sound Effects:
Elite Battle System

Graphics: Pokémon Essentials Graphics
Elite Battle System

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Custom Character Sprites:


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Fonts Used:
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Additional Credits:

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US English Translation:


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Secondary Help:

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Legacy Credits:

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And anyone/anything else who I’ve missed!

Special Thanks:

Nelson Mandela 1918-2013
“The past is in the past,
and it will stay that way.
Let us look to the future.”

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More Special Thanks:

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and everyone else who helped out

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