Pokemon Swore and Shilled

Pokemon Swore and Shilled
  • Author: Manekimoney
  • Updated: 2020
  • Base Rom: Fire Red
  • Version: Completed


Pokemon Swore and Shilled is a new hack remaked by Manekimoney, With 151 Fakemon are made by Paint, New Music, and more features are in this game.


  • 151 new fakemon, including the Sword and Shield starters
  • A whole new Galar region to explore
  • A whole new story
  • Some new moves and some rebalanced old moves and moves from never generations
  • Some new music
  • including Z moves, Mega Evolution, offical Pokemon,phsyical and special split and a battle frontier
  • A whole Pokedex, catchable in a single playthrough
  • There are slight item changes
  • Tons of edited text
  • Slightly increased difficulty
  • Your bike is now a car
  • A superboss if you catch 60 Pokimonseses after beating the Pokemon Leauge and access to the last Pokemon in the regional Pokedex
  • A completely redesigned map to looks pixel perfect, to the map in the Sword and Shield trailers


Pokemon Swore and Shilled

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Swore and Shilled GBA Rom: