Pokemon Dark Rising 3

Pokemon Dark Rising 3
  • Author: DarkRisingGirl
  • Released: 2020
  • Made on: RPG Maker XP
  • Version: Beta

Pokemon Dark Rising 3 is a hack of RPG Maker XP that will tell you another interesting story. The spring of 2020 is coming here and for relaxing, you should play it. The name of this game author is DarkRisingGirl.

Well, its author wants to improve his Pokemon hacking skill. So, a product was released as we are knowing now. Dark Rising 3 is the current game that is in production and the final, and last, to the Dark Rising franchise.


And the story continues… With the Finale. Order Must be Restored.
Dark Rising 3 begins nine years after Order Destroyed. Our main heroes are the twins: Zyro and Zyree Crosswell and their stories surviving in this apocalyptic world created in “Hoopa’s Image”.


  • All 156 Unova Pokemon have been added
  • Mauville City and Lilicove City are now selling the evolution stones.
  • Navigator System! It’s a key item that will tell you what to do next!
  • Gen 5 Battle System
  • A mixture of the modern sprites and old sprites.


Download Pokemon Dark Rising 3 RPGXP Fangame