Pokemon Fierce Melody (Developing)

What will the melody of your journey be?

Fierce Melody is a fan-made Pokémon game set in the new Merodia region, where music and art have a special place in the heart of its people.
It will follow the traditional Pokémon formula but adding some changes to make it feel fresh and fun.

Your father is a famous scientist and his latest discovery has been stolen from the museum where it was being studied.

When you go downstairs to tell your mother about it, you meet your two neighbours. After they leave, your mother tells you to go find Professor Pine, a childhood friend of your dad.

Professor James Pine just came back to Whistle Town and wants to show you his Pokémon Lab and give you your first Pokémon.

When you tell him about your father’s discovery, he gets really worried and tells you to go to Talea Town and look for Piper, a friend of them who will help you find out what happened.

Who would steal your father’s discovery, the Ancient Pungi? And for what purpose? How is it connected to the old legends of Merodia?
It’s time for you and your new friends to discover the truth behind all these events!

You just moved to Whistle Town, it’s a quite small but very cozy place. It’s called: The town where music is in the air.

Route 1 is left of Whistle Town and it connects it to Talea Town and to Aria Forest, you can find many wild Pokémon and trainers to fight here.

Talea is the neighbour town, it’s a quiet place but it has a stage for music shows. Who’s gonna perform here?

About 200 fakemon: You’ll find many unique Pokémon in the Merodia Region. Some nice and cute, some fierce and strong.
Pick your favorite and form a team that will help you overcome any challenge you face.

Explore the Merodia Region: Merodia is a vast region, full of towns, cities, rivers, mountains and caves, a dream for explorers.
There’s always something for you to do and fun characters to meet.

The legends of Merodia: The theft of your father’s discovery is just the beginning of your adventures in Merodia,
you can dig deep into its lore, learn about its history and even face its legends face to face.

The Pokémon Essentials Team: Maruno and Peter Q. based on the work by Flameguru
Elite Battle System and Universal Plugin Installer: Luka S.J. and Marin
Character overworld sprite base: InnerMobius
Some Pokémon and character designs: Game Freak
Always on bush script by KleinStudio

MrSmash278 and DaniPopplio

Purple Hat of Awesome