Pokemon Floral Tempus

Pokemon Floral Tempus
  • Author: Juno and Ice
  • Updated: May 19, 2020
  • Made on: RPG Maker XP
  • Version: Episode 4

In Pokemon Floral Tempus, you will explore the region of Rialtra, while beautiful, is filled to the brim with corruption that runs deep down to its roots. You are a trainer, who has reached the prime of their life and is ready to begin your journey. Leaving the Greenleaf Orphanage, you and your two friends Faye and Del, set off on a journey to explore the region of Rialtra and explore its deep history. However, our antagonists, Team Blight, have begun their movement and have placed their mark upon the region. When the situation arises, you and your friends must prove your strength and your wits to come out on top. Even when the enemy continues to grow stronger and stronger, your endurance, persistence, and perseverance will be tested. The region you grew up in is being targeted, and there are people that wish to see the region in despair. Will you be the one to stand up and fight back against your opposers?


  • The Rialtra Region: Explore an all-new region!
  • Complete Original Story: An all-new story tailored towards a more mature audience
  • B/W Repel System
  • Mega Evolution (New Mega’s as well)
  • Pokémon up to Generation 7
  • Fancy Badges (By Luka-SJ)
  • Elite Battle Systems (By Luka-SJ)
  • New Shiny Pokémon (Courtesy of Amethyst and The Reborn Team)
  • New Pokémon Forms
  • Custom Made Sprites
  • Modular Menu (By Luka-SJ)
  • Increased Shiny Rate: Increased to a 1% chance!
  • Pokémon Rangers: You can join the Pokémon Rangers to earn rare items that wouldn’t be found anywhere else (Mega stones and such)
  • Level Balance: Gym leaders and important trainers are balanced to the level of your team!
  • Level Caps: Pokémon now stop gaining exp once you hit the level cap. Achieve new badges to raise the level cap!
  • Berry farming: Now you can plant, and harvest your own berries in berry patches all over Rialtra
  • More Challenging: Offers more of a challenge than the mainline Pokémon games. Requires more thought towards team comps for every important battle.
  • New Evolution Methods: Pokémon that evolved by trading now evolve with a Trade Stone, or by using the trade held item as an evolution stone. (Eg. Sachet on Spritzee, or Metal Coat on Scyther)[/FONT]


  • Using a Large screen size on lower-end PC’s can cause animations to run slower, and lag up the game. We recommend playing on medium screen sizes.

Note (from Author)

This game was made for fun by me and my friends at first. But as we continued messing around with Pokémon Essentials we decided to make a legit Pokémon game. While it may not be as good as some others out there, we as a team hope that anyone that play’s our game finds it enjoyable and fun to play. The game is said to be pretty difficult, so be in for a challenge.

All Pokémon battle sprites, and tiles are NOT MINE! If you use them please give credit to the original creators.

Most Overworld sprites were made by our team.
If you find any bugs please report them here. (PokeCommunity)


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