Pokemon Lustrous Aqua

Pokemon Lustrous Aqua
  • Author: pokemontrainersimon
  • Released: 2017
  • Made on: RPG Maker XP
  • Version: Demo (uptown 2 gyms)

By Author: Hey, my name is Simon and I am the main game developer of Pokemon Lustrous Aqua. I’m using RPGXP/Pokemon Essentials to make this game and I began working on it in mid-February of 2015. My idea for this game came back in October 2011. This game begins in the Fento Region, a brand new Pokémon region where you’ll discover over 100 new fakemon. The three starter pokemon will be fakemon as well as the Legendary Pokemon. Although this game won’t include all fakemon, there will be pokemon from previous Generations in the game like Geodude, Vulpix, Emolga, etc. that can be found. This game has Generation 5 graphics and new routes, towns, and cities to explore. Pokemon Lustrous Aqua is still in the process of development and improvements will be made as we move forward.


This game will begin in the Fento Region. Beginning in the small town of Lurosa Town. You will set out on your first adventure. After obtaining your first Pokémon, you will be given everything you need to begin your adventure and will be taken to the first city with a gym leader. Your goal is to train your Pokémon to become the best in the world. You must also finish the Pokédex by exploring the Fento Region and discovering all of its new Pokémon. But this won’t be easy, given Team Crystal’s evil plans to steal Pokémon and use technology to brainwash Pokémon in order to take over the world. Sabotha, Team Crystal Leader, aspires to rule the Fento Region by training his team to carry out evil plans in order to achieve his objectives. He imagines himself capturing the powerful Legendary “Lustrous” Pokémon and claiming it as his own. Sabotha aspires to be king of the Fento Region, and with his power, he plans to conquer the world. The fate of the Fento Region is in your hands if you can stop Team Crystal. Are you the chosen hero who will awaken the Lustrous Pokémon? This epic journey is waiting for you!


  • Over 100 New Fakemon (22 New Fakemon in Demo)
  • New cities and towns to explore
  • Pokemon from previous Generations can be found
  • Special appearances by Ash and Barry
  • Customized fan-made music and remixes
  • NEW! Battle Animations with Elite Battle System v4.3


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