Pokemon Nature Red

Pokemon Nature Red Gba
  • Author: owensauce69
  • Updated: May 5, 2019
  • Hack of: Fire Red
  • Version: v0.9

Pokemon Nature Red Gba is a hack that refines the third generation Kanto adventure we all know and love.


Many routes in FireRed, are, quite frankly, boring. Whether it’s Route 8 being a simple linear path with a garden in the middle, or Route 5 literally being a straight road with nothing but a day care center, a majority of the locations lack the rawness and adventure of nature. This hack aims to put a spin on the more civilized, town feel of the routes, and creates more rugged, varied environments to traverse on your Kanto adventure. There are now many jungles, rivers, and ruins to be discovered and explored.

An issue with creating this more natural environment to explore is a lack of diversity and feeling of sameness in the original 151 Pokémon pool. Hence, this hack includes many Pokémon from both the Johto and Hoenn regions. While not all 386 Pokémon are catchable, there are many new faces to both Kanto and the Sevii Isle that are sure to bring a change to your journey.

This hack is not yet a full release, but it is completely playable beginning to end, with minimal bugs and gives a good idea of what the final version will be.

Other miscellanious changes

  • Many Pokémon have had their stats rebalanced for viability reasons.
  • Pokemon that require trading to evolve now evolve at level 47.
  • Certain event legendaries are now available in-game
  • Some Pokémon have new typings. This is a feature that will be fully fleshed out in the full release, once the sprite work is done.

Details by Author

Future additions – There are many things I am planning to add as the hack progresses, but most of my time is being used by school and work right now. If anyone who is more hack-savvy than I could give me any pointers in implementing these features, please private message me!

Adding much, much more detail to the routes. This is my main thing to improve on the hack. I am planning even further increasing the scale and complexity of the routes, while keeping them from being frustrating to explore. Each route should feel like an organic level in the final release.

  • Physical / Special split
  • Reworking the Pokédex listing to represent the new Kanto dex. (Currently you simply start off with the national dex.)
  • New post game content involving Team Aqua and Team Magma on the Sevii Isles.
  • City editing for the purposes of aesthetics.
  • New areas in the Sevii Isles, where the weather trio can be found.
  • Adding the Faraway Island or creating my own custom Mew event
  • Adding a way to activate the BIRTH ISLAND event in-game, or creating my own Deoxys encounter.
  • Adding Latios and Latias as roamers.

Final notes

  • Please understand that this is NOT the final release!
  • There are still many bugs I am aware of that I am working to fix, please private message me if you encounter a bug.
  • There appears to be issues with the game crashing on android emulators, this will be addressed in the final release


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