Pokemon Rejuvenation

Pokemon Rejuvenation
  • Author: Jan
  • Made on: RPG Maker XP

Pokemon Rejuvenation is a story driven generation 3 styled game. It features content all the way through Generation 7. Battle your way through countless trainers and rise to the top! Travel through the Aevium region while also fighting to protect it from evil forces that vow to cut down Aevium’s reign of prosperity and peace!


Many decades ago, Aevium was once a united and strong blossoming region. However, the calamity known as Storm-9 tore the region apart.

The Aevium Region has lived a time of peace since then. Pokémon and Trainers alike band together to create a region worth living in. However, the dark and sinister organization, Team Xen, rises from the shadows to destroy what little peace the region has left. Explore the Aevium Region while also defending the land from Team Xen. Discover the dark secrets this world has kept hidden under the cracks that separate Aevium and shakes it to its very core. 

This world needs you.

Will you lend us your strength?


  • All 21 Staters available (And more!)
  • All 807 Pokemon to be found.
  • Field Effect system adopted from Reborn. (With custom Rejuvenation ones!)
  • 70+ hours of gameplay! (Minus side-quests)
  • 18 typed gyms and 8 Elite members.
  • Music by Zumidesu, GlitchxCity, TheGuitarheroe and more!
  • Customized Shiny Pokemon.


Download Pokemon Rejuvenation RPGXP Fangame

Pokemon Rejuvenation: Episodes 1-14 (732 MB)

Pokemon Rejuvenation: Where Love Lies (306 MB)