Pokemon Revolution XY

Pokemon Revolution XY
  • Author: ANDRÉ SOARES
  • Released: 2020
  • Made on: RPG Maker XP
  • Version: Completed

Pokemon Revolution XY was created from scratch to look like the original XY. For those who like the 6th generation, they will really like the game. Because we try our best to leave the routes, caves, cities, gymnasiums, gymnasium challenges, among other aspects. I hope you have a lot of fun!.


  • #Inverse battle system
  • #Sky battle system
  • #System of changing/buying clothes
  • #Pokémon Mounting System on XY routes
  • #Sprites of animated Pokémon
  • #Exp. share give experience to everyone on the team
  • #Mega evolutions
  • #All Pokémon/skills/moves/evolutions/items,etc up to the 6th generation.
  • #Graphics recently updated to have a good interaction with the menu/backpacks/battles/etc.
  • #Wonder trade system in-game.
  • #All forms of Pokémon.
  • #Post-game events, legends, battle chateau, battle mansion and also Zygarde cells for you to search for the map.


  • Added Camping tent with Pokémon
  • Added Poke Amie (find a tent on the map to access) #attention system was not with all Pokémon/items, so it may contain bug.
  • Eevee evolves to SYLVEON by interacting with him in Poke Amie, when you reach 4 hearts just level with him.


  • Bunnelby by Farfetch’d – Santalune city in a house to the left of the fountain
  • Luvdisc by Swirlix – Cyllage city at poke center
  • Luvdisc by Steelix – Cyllage city at the poke center
  • Medititis by Kadabra – Shalour city at the poke center
  • Weepinbell by Haunter – Laverre city at the poke center


Download Pokemon Revolution XY RPGXP Fangame