Pokemon Terra Firma

Pokemon Terra Firma
  • Author: Rata
  • Hack of: FireRed
  • Version: Alpha 1

Pokemon Terra Firma is a GBA Rom Hack Based on Pokemon Fire Red, but it has a Brand New Story and Plot with Amazing New Graphics. Made by Rata. Enjoy!


In this report, it should be noted that after the conference given a couple of days ago, Birch explained something unique to me. He has told me the secret that the region has been hiding for decades, since its inception. Everything arises with Malkoth, or so is called in the writings of the walls that Birch discovered in the expedition of him to the Volcano, that he had a legacy. Malkoth was the only survivor of the great eruption made by Heatran that wiped out the Terras, the first civilization of Rionin, protectors of the Earth and the universe. So the Terras, it must be said, that they are not the first human either or that is what I have just discovered. They were tasked with protecting Earth and the universe, but before them there were the Alabarians.

After finding out about his legacy, already somewhat old enough to supply himself, he decided to found the Terra Firma squad whose goal was to once again protect the region, the Earth and the universe, but not everything ended there. Malkoth reportedly had contact with one of the main Terras masters, had contact with one of the oldest men in all of existence. After finishing the conversation, Malkoth decided to change his mind to protect the Earth and the universe, because, he knew that now he could conquer Rionin and make it his, it is part of his Earth.

And this is where hundreds and millions of scientists come in. Nobody has been able to find an entrance to the Terra Firma Volcano, it is said that the sea around it is red and burns stronger than the fire itself. It is said that the sea of ​​him rises with the flames and with the tremors and earthquakes caused by the wrath of Heatran, who by the way, apparently, knows that Malkoth, his legacy, has decided to change his plans.

I also forgot to tell you that there is the presence of an object called Terra Firma, which I suppose is the origin name of the squad created by Malkoth, which allows you to control Heatran and use his powers. But nobody has been able to find it, it is even said that such an object is needed to give access to the Volcano. But not everything ends there, there is still more. This object, the Terra Firma, is said to be part of one of the seven objects from the creation of the floating city, known to many as Alabaria. When Alabaria was divided, this object, the famous Terra Firma, was sunk in the depths of Rionin and although it has been searched for decades and centuries, no one has found it. But I say again, there is still more. I have learned that my nephew, Thomas, appears to be the son of one of the sons of a Terra Master. So it is then, that Thomas has Terra blood and therefore, as it is said out there among so many legends that travel from other parts of the world, that the inheritors of the Alabarians, the Terras, had the task of finding the Terra Firma and protecting it. and those who were the heirs of the Terras, would have the ability to feel the energy of this mysterious object, one of the 7 most important objects in the world.

And then I wonder … When these 7 objects are reunited, what will happen to Rionin?


  • New Story
  • New Region
  • New nds style graphics
  • New songs


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