Pokemon The Holy Mountain

Pokemon The Holy Mountain
  • Author: WackyTurtle
  • Released: 2016
  • Made on: RPG Maker XP
  • Version: Completed

Pokemon The Holy Mountain: A Pokemon Adventure is another RPG Maker XP and Pokemon Essentials game. In this game, you will enjoy and follow an adventure of a monk who is living on the top of a remote mountain in Japan.

He’s been living with his sister for quite some time. Every day, their family is full of smiles and happiness. An evil spirit that has been sleeping inside this mountain awakens one day. It murders the monk’s sister without hesitation. Of course, our monk is in excruciating pain. After researching and learning how to defeat the evil spirit for the final time, he descends to the mountain’s summit and confronts that dreadful evil spirit here. It must pay for its actions! Are you capable of defeating it?


  • No trainer battle, no running shoes.
  • There are only wild Pokemon and sporadic NPCs.


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