Pokemon Universe

Pokemon Universe Gba
  • Author: Yagami – YouTube
  • Released: 2019
  • Hack of: Fire Red
  • Version: Incomplete

Pokemon Universe Gba: Play with Red in Kanto, encountering famous characters from the franchise such as Ash, Cynthia, N, Steven, etc. And make new events, based on the original story.

Pokemon Universe is one of the most unique pokemon rom hacks we’ve ever played, with a tonne of adventure and fun in the gameplay. Strategic conditions and missions are part of the gameplay, making the pokemon universe download special for all pokemon game fans who want to play the game all the way through. Some new Pokemon characters have been added to the game, making the gameplay more complex.

You are the main character in the lovely Johto region. This game is entirely based on Pokemon Extreme, which was one of the most intriguing games we’ve ever played. Different new starters and characters are introduced, making the game more complex and distinct from other Pokemon games. Let’s move on and see what special features are available in the game that make it so unique that everyone is talking about it.


  • New Storyline and places.
  • The region is full off with new pokemon.
  • You have the rivals like Ash and Gary.
  • Regions are Hoenn, Jhoto and Kanto.
  • Team plasma as enemy.
  • The graphics are improved a lot and brand new.
  • Characters can now move in between buildings.
  • New Pokemon from Gen 1 to 6th.
  • Music of the game is decent.
  • Riolu as your starter.
  • Catch and train different new pokemon from different generations.
  • Logo not changed.
  • You can receive charmander.
  • Catch Pikachu in the game.
  • Remake from Pokemon Extreme.


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