Pokemon Volt Yellow: Anime Version

Pokemon Volt Yellow: Anime Version
  • Author: Mxtrainer87
  • Released: 20.12.2020
  • Hack of: Fire Red
  • Version: v20.12.2020

In Pokemon Volt Yellow: Anime Version, As Ash, you explore the Kanto region with your Pikachu.

To become a Pokemon master. Ash’s Sprite was created with Pikachu attached to show the bond they have together.

Pokemon given to you by Professor Oak.


  • All 151 available
  • Updated BacksPrites
  • Updated Overworld Sprites – day and night system
  • A loyal bird waiting for you in the Veridian Forest Team Rocket Jessie and James battles are just like in Yellow
  • All 3 Kanto initials available with anime crys Team menu updated
  • Legendary Battles – Who?? Where?? Play the game and check out the islands after the main story. -Colored badges
  • Do you like surfing? So I hate that blue blob in frig games… – Two friends that show up to give you that anime vibe


Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Volt Yellow: Anime Version GBA Rom