Pokemon Emerald’s Eight

Pokemon Emerald's Eight
  • Author: AstroBreak
  • Released: 07/11/21
  • Hack of: Emerald
  • Version: Completed

Pokemon Emerald’s Eight: My initial idea, and the one that ultimately led to me starting this project, was to create a hack that featured a party size other than the classic 6 members that’s been included in all main series games to this day. There’s seemingly a lack of hacks (or none at all that i’ve knowledge of) that have attempted to implement this, and when i first i looked into it, there didn’t seem to exist any major limitation preventing it from being done, but there was definitely not a lot of info regarding different party sizes.

And so, this is a bit of an experiment-hack that consists of the base Pokemon Emerald experience, such that all of the mainline mandatory battles are playable, but with a party size of 8 pokemon not only on the player’s side, but on enemy trainer parties as well. Along with this, i’ve added some QoL features that seemed like a must, as well as expanded all initial gym leader’s teams to feature a full 8 member party, together with elite 4 and champion’s (Author’s Words)


  • Party size of up to 8 members on both player and enemy parties.
  • New 4/4 party manu layout.
  • Double battles supported.
  • Gen 6+ Exp. Share.
  • Custom gym leader, elite 4 and champion 8-member teams.
  • Reusable TMs.
  • Indoors running.
  • New music on gym leader battles.
  • Starter Tyrogue along with the usual starter of choice.
  • Hall of Fame supports 8-sized party.
  • Single full party bugcatcher at the very beggining that was used on testing, but decided to leave into the final game.

Known Bugs

  • Slight graphical glitches on party menu.
  • Pokedex flags have some kind of problem being saved and loaded with the game, presumably due to the save block shifting data because of the extra party pokemon. As a result, pokedex menu cannot be opened upon loading a save. I’m unsure if this can be fixed at all since i believe the code that loads that information is still only in assembly and not decompiled.
  • Battle Frontier and postgame are largely untested so probably broken, due to them being out of the scope of this project.
  • Some emulators might produce freezes at the beggining, or cause a black screen when starting champion Wallace’s battle. Retroarch mgba core seems to mostly run the game just fine.


Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Emerald’s Eight GBA Rom


AstroBreak, Airen, SilverPrince94, Blurose, Jordan Davenport