Pokemon Grass Jewel

Pokemon Grass Jewel
  • Author: LatiosAzurill
  • Updated: September 7, 2020
  • Hack of: Emerald
  • Version: v1.4

Pokemon Grass Jewel: Welcome to the Hoenn region like you’ve never seen it before!  Get greeted into the world of Pokémon Grass Jewel by Professor Maple, the local Pokémon professor in Littleroot Town.  He is assisted by the son, Brendan, or daughter, May, of his colleague, Professor Pine.  This assistant will become your own friend and rival.  Upon meeting the professor, he is being chased by a wild Zigzagoon and asks you to help him defeat it.  As such, he will give you the Pokémon you used in battle, and enlist your help in working on the Pokédex as well as stopping a group of extremists, called Team Dream.


  •  New Story
  • Some New Characters
  • TV Show and Movie Character Cameos​
  • Post-Game Plot
  • New locations throughout map
  • Added Pokemon from Generations 4-7
  • Physical/Special Split
  • Fairy Type
  • Custom Shiny Palettes for a variety of Pokemon
  • Increased shiny odds
  •  Increased experience yield from defeated Pokemon
  • A Unique Set of Starter Pokémon
  •  Certain Pokémon Given New/Modified Secondary Types 
  • New Movesets for Many Pokémon
  •  Buffs to the Base Stats of Most Pokémon
  •  Buffs to the Base Power of Most Moves
  • Increased TM Compatibility for Most Pokemon
  •  Changes to Certain TMs to Make Them More Useful
  •  Changes Certain Evolution Methods for Pokémon
  •  Addition of Ice Stone, Shiny Stone, Dawn Stone, and Dubious Disc
  •  Reusable TMs
  •  Updated Repel System – Asks if You Want to Use Another Repel, and Which Type, When One Expires
  •  New Useful Held Items
  •  Cheaper Items at Marts
  •  Wider Selection of Items Available at Marts


Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Grass Jewel GBA Rom