Pokemon DarkBlue

Pokemon DarkBlue
  • Author: Areku-San
  • Released: 12/01/20
  • Hack of: Ruby
  • Version: Beta 1.9 (Incomplete)

Pokemon DarkBlue: In a region called Kanji, a couple of friends. Sahori and you find a couple of Naetles in a small forest and decide to send teacher Kagome, Sahori’s mother, and then the adventure begins.

Also, the Terror Squad is in Kanji, to capture the most powerful Pokémon there is.

8 new Gym Leaders. 3 new rivals, and some Pokémon from the Sinnoh region, will appear in this great adventure.


  • New Characters
  • New Graphics
  • A whole new region!!!:
  • New coaches
  • New events, scripts and translation.
  • Sinnoh Pkmn’s
  • PokéNav 2.0 With Phone and Kanji News via “E-Mail”.
  • New Kanji Region


Download Pre-Patched Pokemon DarkBlue GBA Rom