Pokemon Pocket Gaiden 2

Pokemon Pocket Gaiden 2
  • Author: Mantager
  • Updated: December 12, 2020
  • Hack of: Emerald
  • Version: v1.1.0

Pokemon Pocket Gaiden 2: In the Ríota region, which is based off of Uruguay, there’s a rumour circulating that ‘in Wing Peak, a wish-granting genie lies’. Clad, a swimmer who recently competed in a national competition, is about to begin an adventure from the capital Prime City to Wing Peak with his three friends – the energetic Fern, the studious Malimo and the hard-working Ryan “Rye”. However, Clad is also having strange visions of a young boy asking him for help. Who is this boy? Is Wing Peak’s genie even real? And what kind of challenges and opponents will the four friends face on their journey under Ríota’s hot summer sun?


The creator recommends using the mGBA emulator. VBA is known to have issues playing this hack.


Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Pocket Gaiden 2 GBA Rom


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