Pokemon Sharp Diamond and Smooth Pearl

Pokemon Sharp Diamond and Smooth Pearl
  • Author: Jaizu
  • Updated: December 25, 2021
  • Hack of: Emerald
  • Version: Demo 1

Pokemon Sharp Diamond and Smooth Pearl: The main plot will be the same as Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, having a custom post-game.


  • TM and level up learnsets are updated to latest gens
  • Battle mechanics will follow the gen 8 standards, including new moves and abilities.
  • Pokédex will be expanded, focusing on adding some needed Pokemon, like fire type ones
  • Trainers with their mons will be based on the ones from Pokemon BDSP, with changes for the new Pokédex.
  • HMs will disappear. Items/other system will appear instead.
  • Honey trees will probably be reworked.
  • Some Gym Puzzles will remain the same while some others will get simplified or remade.
  • GTS building will be replaced with something else.
  • There isn’t a “follow me” system like the NDS has. Instead, NPCs will go into the player and reappear when needed.
  • Enjoy your favorite Pokemon following you from the start.
  • Auto-run
  • All the improvements that come with pokemon_expansion, item_expansion and battle_engine_v2.
  • Morning/Day/Night system
  • Events that only occur on certain days.
  • Some small modifications are made to the game to replicate the feel of Pokemon D/P.
  • Decapitalization of the overall game will be done
  • Map popup is more similar to FR with the D/P look rather than the unique background from Emerald.
  • NPCs will have shadows under them
  • Pick up table updated to DPPt one
  • Repeated Field Medicine Use (Using potions/rare candies from bag)
  • DP music
  • Players will have the DP outfits and will be able to obtain Platinum outfits later in the game.
  • Added new pockets: Medicine, Battle Item, Treasures


Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Sharp Diamond and Smooth Pearl GBA Rom


Jaizu, Sierra, UltimaSoul, ExpoSeed, Slawter, SBird, Citrus Bolt, DizzyEgg, Disturbo, Ghoulslash, Furret, Alistair, Kyledove, Farore, Javs, Radical Raptr, Mr. Gela